Bitconnect Promoter Claims FBI Investigating Defunct Crypto Scheme


If former Bitconnect investor and promoter Trevon James is to be believed, he was in talks with the FBI regarding a now-defunct crypto-exchange scheme. According to his YouTube video, he has personal, albeit limited, knowledge of the exchange.

He also stressed that he did not have specific information about the plans of the said project, but he is very well certain that there was indeed on in the works. James also revealed that he will be testifying these details before an undisclosed hearing that he will be attending. “I’m glad that I don’t know anything so that means there’s no proof that I knew anything.”

Beyond that, however, he also hinted that his testimony may also be relating to other important matters. “It’s really about the SEC,” he said. “Testimony is really important you know, for the entire crypto space… because it’s about securities. Is Bitconnect a security, are cryptocurrencies, can they be considered securities? That’s what it’s about, it’s not about whether I scammed people…It’s about whether Bitcoin is a security and whether I knew.”


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