City of Taipei Confirms It’s Testing IOTA Tech for ID


Taipei, Taiwan is set to bring to its citizen identification plans the use of Tangle, IOTA Foundation’s response to blockchain.

According to Department of Information Technology commissioner Wei-bin Lee, the Digital Citizen Card project will also bring local startup BiiLabs to the table. For this concept, the country capital is looking at using the Tangle ID service for several other projects, still currently unspecified. The Digital Citizen Card, however, is meant to be a tamper-proof identification system to protect users against identity theft.

As Lee divulged to CoinDesk, “We’ll be starting with related applications for Digital Citizen Card that can be used as a platform. We also seek to boost the authentication and integrity checks for municipality-to-municipality/institution-to-institution data exchange (such as medical records).”

The commissioner also said that this is but one of the many proofs of concept the country has in pursuit of their goal of becoming a “smart city.” As such, they are open to other proposals as well as the use of other technologies that can help achieve this goal.

“After the POCs, we will evaluate the results and see where we go from there.” Taipei has yet to start using any cryptocurrency.


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