Goldman and Sachs to Release Crypto Trade Desk for Institutional Investors


Rumors have been flying around in the inner circle of the crypto investor eco system that big bank Goldman and Sachs is jumping in to the crypto scene in a big way. They are rumored to be releasing a institutional grade crypto trade desk for investors that are trading on the multi-billion dollar level.

It is also rumor that a great deal of institutional money, nearly a trillion dollars, is eagerly on standby waiting for this launch, which could come as early as April 2nd, 2018 (just under 2 months from now). This level of institutional money infused in to the crypto eco system could send prices soaring like no one has ever seen before. Sources report that bitcoin prices could reach unprecedented new BTC highs toppling 6 figures within months of Goldman’s release.

Today BTC reached a new recent low down to 6.6k on Poloniex. This very well could be the $1,000 BTC price before it hit $20,000, all over again, and them some. One thing is for sure, if this rumor proves true, you certainly will not ever be able to buy BTC for even 19k again. Seems like waiting too long could be a mistake (again) for some day traders.

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