Verif-y ICO – Token Sale VFY




Symbol VFY
Crowdsale opening date 25. Oct 2017
Crowdsale closing date 30. Nov 2017
Concept Verif-y’s identity solution addresses the fact that a strong and reliable digital identity is necessary for the continued expansion of the global digital economy and a fundamental building block of the rapidly expanding blockchain economy. To meet this fast-growing identification demand, Verif-y is expanding the development of the blockchain-based, digital identity solution layer of its commercially available credential and employment verification platform. Verif-y’s services improve the protection of Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”), which in today’s world define our identity. Verif-y gives its users the power to own, manage and communicate their digital identities and verified credentials, and gives entities an interface and layer of trust to provide and request PII data. Importantly, with Verif-y, all communication of PII is exclusively governed by the users, something not available until now. Verif-y brings value and efficiencies to all parties who participate in the ecosystem: educators, employers, credential providers, licensors, member organizations, certificate providers and lastly, but not least the users.


Members Ed Zabar – CEO & Founder

Bill Crean – Director of Product

Colleen Connors – Director of Sys Ops

John Chaisson – Director of Business development

Tammy Fudem – General Counsel

Chad Peiper, PhD – Sr. Solutions Architect

Country of origin USA


Blockchain Ethereum



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