Icelandic Police Are Hunting for Hundreds of Bitcoin Miners


Iceland’s police authorities are on a hunt for cryptocurrency miners following an incident of massive theft. According to reports, up to hundreds of thousands were stolen in four separate incidents between December 2017 and January 2018, prompting police action.

Thus far, eleven people, including a security worker, had already been arrested in relation to what is now being called the “Big Bitcoin Heist.” Two others are in custody of authorities after a Reykjanes District court ruled so, despite not having a definitive answer as to what role they played in the commission of the crime.

The heist, which supposedly cost close to $2 million, is now being considered to be the biggest ever in the nation’s history. This was certainly something unprecedented, “on a scale unseen before,” said Police Commissioner Olafur Kjartannson. “Everything points to this being a highly organized crime.”

Iceland is a preferred cryptocurrency destination, thanks to its geothermal energy sources, and long-standing bitcoin mining ecosystem.


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