JP Morgan Blockchain Spin-Off Kadena Hires New Head of Growth


Blockchain startup Kadena has welcomed Ben Jessel, former Capital Markets Company (Capco) innovation lead, into their fold to serve as head of their business growth unit.

Although Jessel has ended his stint as head of innovation and blockchain at Capco, he will reportedly stay on as advisor. As for his move to Kadena, Jessel went on record to say that “there’s some very exciting technology here… the question is, how do we make this real for clients?” He also revealed that for his new role, he will be focusing more on Kaden’s private blockchain offering. To this end, he will be working closely with the team behind the Chainweb network, set to launch later this year.

One of the challenges he anticipates is deciding on whether Kadena should opt for an end-to-end solution product or if it would be more viable to instead offer the tools that the clients themselves can use to develop their own solutions. One way to answer this dilemma is to let the clients experience the language behind the technology itself so they can figure out if this is something they can take on themselves.

“One of our beliefs is that organizations are going to require a fast, available public blockchain, and they need a code that can be understood by people within the organization,” he said. By giving them access to blockchain technology, the process of adding to it should also become simplified.


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