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    Phone mold
    Mobile phone mold
    Telephone mold
    Cell phone mold
    Phone case mold
    Phone products mold is precision and high reqirement injection mold, which has higher requirements for molding process, Meetmoulds has rich experience in Phone related products research and development, The raw material is usually Clear PP ABS or PC/ABS, The surface finishing is usually SPI A1 mirror or texture. So improvement of part design and mold design experience is important to get a beautiful part after molding, and rich experience will be required for mold manufacturing supplier. In Meetmoulds, You will get a one-stop solution to reduce risk and achieve win-win situation.
    The mold design usually take 1 to 2 week to finish, But many testing will be required for assembly after sampling.
    The characteristics for Phone related products mold:
    1, Runner and gate location is important, to get beautiful appearance samples.
    2, mold structure is complex to meet functional requirements of the product.
    3, Mulity cavities mold (2 cavities, 4 cavities common) to meet large volume production purpose.
    4, Stable mold structure to ensure mass production.
    5, Fully automtic mold, with high stable customized hot runner system to get beautiful part.
    6, Polishing or texture is very import to get a perfect plastic samples, Many parts are SPI A1 mirror finishing.
    Case study
    • Runner&Gate
    Professional CAE analysis to decide the gate quantity and location, The gate location is very important for this kind of part
    Meetmoulds have rich experience to make the best decision for runner and gates. Balance the flowing and eliminate welding line
    Evaluate the packing for pressure and clamping force. Indicate potential air traps and warpage.
    • Structure
    Many complex sliders and lifters will be needed to release the undercut, But our design is stable enough to ensure the mass production.
    • Cooling
    Cooling must be sufficient to any molding area, Putting water lines on ejection blocks, inserts, lifters, any of molding inserts
    Precise calculation for each water lines efficiency, overall cooling balance, Uniform cooling and high efficiency.
    • Ejection
    Using complicated slides to release undercut, with detailed water lines, together with pins, stripper blocks to successfully eject out the part, Early prevention to stop any sticking risk to slides, part can be easily fetched out by robot.
    • Steel
    Cavity steel is usually imported S136 HRC48-52 hardness Or H13, Core steel is usually 2738H imported, Hardness is HRC34-36
    • Cutting
    No rough surface cutting and welding allowed, The insert shape is hard to machine accurately, and assembly also need rich experienceElectronics Injection Mold