Polish Central Bank Secretly Funds Anti-Crypto Youtube Propaganda Videos


Cryptocurrency ads are not exactly popular, yes, and in fact governments like China have banned them from their social media in their country, but this would be the first time a government is found to have actually funded anti-cryptocurrency campaigns on social media.

More specifically, the Central Bank of Poland recently admitted that they backed the December 2017 video of Polish YouTuber Marcin Dubiel, entitled, “I LOST ALL THE MONEY?!”

As the title of the episode clearly indicates, the video is meant to serve as a warning against getting involved in crypotcurrency. In the video, Dubiel portrays the story of a young man who invests all his money in crypotocurrency, only to lose it all. The end of the video shows the main character unable to pay for a restaurant date using his crypotcurrency. His date then throws fiat money at him before storming off. As the video ends, it shows the “evil” crypocurrency investor laughing as he counts his money.

According to reports, the video was also backed by Gamellon, which is the Polish YouTube partner network, as well as Google Ireland Limited, and Facebook Ireland Limited. Some 91,000 zloty (estimated $27,000) was allocated for the production of anti-cryptocurrency content. Dubiel’s channel enjoys an audience reach of over 900,000, while this particular anti-crypotcurrency content has so far earned over 500,000 views.



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