Santander to Roll Out Ripple-Powered App in 4 Countries


Santander Group is rolling out a mobile app that will allow users to facilitate same-day-cross-border payments so quickly that it won’t even take a minute. Reportedly, the app has been in beta for the past 18 months, with the bank employees taking first dibs at its use.

According to reports, the app, to be rolled out in the UK, Brazil, Spain, and Poland, will be integrating Apple Pay for payments between £10 and £10,000 ($14 and $14,000). On top of that, users will also have access to a digital wallet, a personal finance manager, and help aid person-to-person payments.

“We plan to launch this in the next few months,” said a Santander spokesperson, “and we can confirm on the record that we plan to use xCurrent in the project.”

The xCurrent product by Ripple, however, will not use the native cryptocurrency XRP, in this case. The app is expected to be released later this quarter.


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