Shark Tank’s Herjavec Thinks Bitcoin And Blockchain Are ‘Here To Stay’


Shark Tank’s very own Robert Herjavec has got some pretty bold predictions about Bitcoin, saying that it is “here to stay” in a nutshell. Although he is personally not investing in cryptocurrency, however, he firmly believes that folks can expect a rise in its value, at least short term, and perhaps even go beyond January high of 20,000.

“It’ll take out that high, I’m saying it right now,” he said. “I don’t know if you want to own Bitcoin right now. I think you want to get in, and you want to get out.” For him, therefore, Bitcoin is not necessarily something you should hold onto, although it should be great to invest in.

He also predicts that Bitcoin will most definitely be regulated. Herjavec also happens to be the CEO of cybersecurity firm the Herjavec Group, which would also make him the right person to ask about what he thinks about crypto security. While he doesn’t think much too highly of cryptocurrencies in that regard, saying that it’s not all that “prone to great security,” he can say that crypto transactions are certainly secure.

Regarding Blockchain, he believes that its “inherent security of a transaction” makes it a lot more promising. In fact, he thinks that in 10 years’ time, “I will walk somewhere and a sensor will automatically know it’s me, the sensor will be linked to my bank, it’ll know how much money I have, I’ll pick up something like at the Amazon store, it’ll automatically be scanned, and as I leave, it will automatically be verified and paid for.”


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