Tezos Head & Board Member Step Down, Platform Prepares ‘Timely Launch’


The Tezos blockchain project welcomes two new individuals to their board in the form of active community members Ryan Jesperson and Michel Mauny. They join Lars Haussman, who was appointed to the board on January 31st, as well as replace founder and president Johann Gevers and Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons.

The shuffle in the board memberships coincide with the impending launch of the Tezos network. HAccording to a statement released by Jesperson, “To serve the best interests of the Tezos project, Johann Gevers and Diego Olivier Fernandez Pons have voluntarily offered to resign from the Foundation Board. They are committed to the success of the Tezos project and will continue to support its development towards a bright future. We thank both of them for their service.”

It was in 2017 when the company’s initial coin offering (ICO) skyrocketed in popularity among crypto investors, who then donated BTC and ETC in exchanged for the Tezzies, or the project’s native tokens. In the midst of the project, a conflict arose between the parties of Kathleen Breitman, Tezos’ IP rights owner and project creator, and Gevers who had control of the funds. Consequently, the launch of the platform was severely affected, and following that, the erosion of trust of the investors which lead to lawsuits filed against the company.

Fast forward February 2018, Kathleen Breitman confirmed in a conferred at the UCLA that the platform and tokens will finally be launching “in the next few weeks.”

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