US: Hackers Shut Down Government Computers In Atlanta, Demand Bitcoin


The city of Atlanta, Georgia appears to have been held digitally hostage by hackers in recent days as computer systems were shut down unless the demand of $1,500 Bitcoins in ransom was met.

According to a report by Fortune, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms told members of the press in an press conferences on March 22 that they didn’t “know the extent [of the attack] or if anyone’s personal data or bank accounts will be compromised. All of us are subject to this attack.”

The following day, the government reminded the citizens to be alert and to monitor their personal information and accounts in case they were affected by the hack. This attack on Atlanta is only the latest in a growing list of hackers demanding Bitcoin for ransom.

In November 2017, a Sacramento Regional Transit system was hacked in exchange for 1 bitcoin, which, at that time, was valued at $8,000.

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